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What’s the difference between the “Mini Events” and “PHAT at Home”?

Although all the events fall under the PHAT umbrella, they are actually different events. The Mini Events are 3-hour events, each hosted by different churches. They’re more like youth group fellowship where everyone is invited.


The June Mini Event will be hosted by BCEC's 3:16 and Crossway MK's 4:12. 

The July Mini Event will be hosted by CCIL’s TNG and CGCDublin’s WOW.

PHAT at Home will be a longer event and we’re going all out! Or at least as much as we can through online platforms. This will be more like our summer PHAT Camps with testimony videos, guest speakers, workshops and maybe a pot noodle or two.

Do you need leaders for both the Mini Events and PHAT at Home? 

Yes! But we'll be recruiting separately for all three events. The coordinators for the June and July Mini Events will be recruiting leaders directly according to our numbers whilst recruitment for PHAT at Home is by application (must like normal PHAT Camps). 

For the Mini Events, please let whoever contacted you directly know of your availability.

If you're available to help with PHAT at Home please use the application form here.


What's expected of the leader at these events? 

For the Mini Events, we'll need small group leaders to lead discussion, to pray with the youths, to bring some excitement during games, etc. Youth ministry experience is preferable.

For PHAT at Home it'll be similar, but you'll have the opportunity to spend several sessions with your small groups. Leaders must be available to attend the entire event (Fri 7pm to Sat 10pm) 

Will the leaders have to do any training?

For the Mini Events, the coordinators will brief leaders as much as possible and provide discussion questions beforehand. 

For PHAT at Home, attendance at one of the two training sessions is required. You’ll have an option between Saturday 25th July at 10:30am or Monday 27th July at 7pm.  

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