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It started as an annual summer youth conference organised by the COCM (Chinese Overseas Christian Mission). It aims to gather youth from all over the country to come to worship, to know and to learn about God, to encounter Him and experience Him in a personal way, so that they could be built up and their faith strengthened and return back to their home towns and cities to be effective witness for Christ.

Since then we have begun slowly introducing other aspects of ministry such as leadership training with the whole aim of equipping leaders for the work of the ministry in their local church.


PHAT Camp is a 4-day event where hundreds of us, from all over the UK, gather together to journey with God and explore our faith.



The main element of the events are the morning and evenings where we spend time worshiping God through music, learning more about Him through the teaching of his Word (the Bible) and allow his Holy Spirit to change us.

Those that come are normally placed into small-groups that meet regularly throughout the event. During these times they can meet new people, discuss the topics being raised and enjoy hanging out with other people who are exploring life and faith.

As well as the main sessions there’s also time to explore a whole variety of issues through different seminars that will be running during the day. And of course the event is also filled with lots of time for fun and games and there’s plenty of opportunity to chill out and relax in the camp grounds.



PHAT Camps are about getting to know Jesus better and developing a deeper understanding and relationship with him, so it’s designed with that in mind, but you don’t have to be a Christian to come and join in any part of the event. As long as you’re aged 12 to 18 and in secondary education (that’s school years 7-13) you’re welcome to join.

(You must already be in secondary education, and not about to start, in order to join)

I will praise You as long as I live, and in Your name I will lift up my hands.”

Psalm 63:4

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