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The Need

The landscape of youth ministry in the Chinese Church has undergone major shifts in recent years, and many youth leaders across the country are still adapting and learning.


An Invitation

In light of the above, we invite you to attend the first of our two NGL events this year, ‘NGL: Intercession’. Join us as we spend a day in training, discussion; but more importantly, in prayer together.


We appreciate our church contexts are different and that we struggle with different challenges and needs. However, we are also comforted by the fact that we are all united in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his Great Commission, and can rely on Him as our common source of strength and wisdom for our respective youth ministries.


It is through prayer that we may seek God together and hear his direction for our respective youth ministries. It is through prayer that God can empower us and set a vision for youth ministry that can last a lifetime. We hope to see you there.  


Who is it for?

We invite all those who are currently involved in youth ministries in Chinese churches, or those who are looking to be involved in these ministries in future. We also invite church leaders who have an interest in youth ministries and want to know more about it.


What does the day look like? 

The day event will include a blend of training, panel discussions, corporate prayer, and worship time; as well as opportunities to network and talk with fellow attendees. Please see the timetable for more detail.

Please note that this event will be run in English.

Date & Location
Saturday 17th February
10am to 8pm
COCM Mission Centre

Conference Fee
Residential Option: £35
Event plus Bed & Breakfast on Friday and/or Saturday nights
Event Only: £15
Includes lunch and dinner


To serve our young people we need to be equipped. Come join us for theoretical and practical skills training helpful for youth ministry. More info to come!

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