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Enduring Faith: Influenced to Influencer

with Paige David

Paige is a Filipina lass raised in London and currently living in Manchester. She loves coffee, long bus journeys and everything green. Paige reads Sociology at uni and is now exploring creative evangelism – she is so excited to meet you all!

As Christians we are called to be ‘set-apart’ and live a life like Jesus. However as our world gains more access to information, it’s become increasingly challenging to identify and have control over what influences us. When we go home after PHAT camp, the reality is we are still subject to the same things that shape society and what we’ve been called to be set apart from. Is it possible to live counter-culturally whilst still living in this world? How can we build an enduring faith through the highs, lows and in-betweens? In this workshop we’re digging deep into how followers of Christ are called to live and understand our part in His Great Commission.

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