Normally, PHAT Camps couldn't run were it not for the help of the army of volunteers who give up their time every summer to make these events awesome. 


And PHAT at Home needs you more than ever!


Even though lockdown means that we’ve had to shift this year to an online event, we believe that fellowship and community still form an important part of the ministry among our young people. And so we don’t want only to just post some great videos, we also want to spend time with our campers - playing games, chatting about lockdown life, and showing them that, despite our physical distance, we can still share genuinely spiritual experiences together.


With PHAT at Home likely to be the most accessible event we’ve ever offered, we’re expecting big numbers. So we’ll also need lots of volunteers ready to lead our teens in small group discussions, games, and prayer. 


So, if you have experience in youth ministry with British-Chinese and/or Irish-Chinese teens, we’d love for you to apply to serve. 


Volunteers will need to be available online from 7pm on Friday 31st July, through to 10pm Saturday 1st August. 


There’s no volunteers fee this time, but you will still need to go through a DBS check, or produce a recent certificate, in order to serve. You’ll also have to attend one of the Training sessions listed where we’ll help you prepare to lead well in an online environment.


We’re excited to serve with you at PHAT at Home!


Sat 25th July @10:30am

- or -

Mon 27th July @7:30pm


Fri - Sat 

start - 7pm on 31st July 

finish - 10pm on 1st Aug

*must attend whole event

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