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What is race? In this seminar, you will learn about some history of racial ideology and how it has been used as a tool of oppression and to divide the Body of Christ as well as learning scripture to better understand discipleship and how it relates to anti-racism. 

Steve Park is the Executive Director of Little Lights Urban Ministries. Following his conversion from atheism to Christianity at the age of 24, he felt compelled to share Christ's compassion to low income children, youth, and families. In 1995, Steve founded Little Lights, a non-profit ministry in Washington, DC. Learn more about Little Light Urban Ministries here.

Wounded LeaderSHIP

Distancing, disappointments, disruptions, desperation, discrimination, and devastation - these are not buzzwords but the painful realities of not just our personal lives but also of our families, churches, neighbourhoods, society, and the world. With looming uncertainties, how do we find hope to continue? The option is not more Christian band-aid, self-congratulations, and positive thinking but lament. Join our Wounded Leadership seminar and learn how biblical lament can keep us soft, sustain our journey, and lead us into the arms of God.

Wien Fung is a pastor, speaker, coach and mental health advocate for men from minority ethnic groups. Helps leaders find recovery from the wounds of leadership. Learn more about his ministry and story at

The language of lament

It’s been normalised that in order to be living a good life, we must be experiencing and expressing joy. In this seminar, I will be talking through lament as part of this good life. Our relationship with God and others is heightened when we understand lament. We’ll spend some time practicing this new language together. 

Jess Arita is the National Director of Communications for Cru City, a global parachurch ministry that focuses on engaging the curious and equipping followers of Jesus in their natural spaces. The child of Chinese Immigrants, Jess holds the tensions of a bicultural life. Deep lament and grounded hope have been a large part of her story. Her husband, Steven, and she live in the Pacific Northwest of the US with their two dogs, Bear and Kangaroo, and four chickens.

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